Chatbot is capable of having a human-like conversation with a user by receiving and sending text messages.
IT makes your business process automatic.

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Why is chatbot better than live chat?

It operates autonomously without the need for any human interaction or control

It can perform multiple tasks (multitasking)

It is able to respond within a few seconds, at any time, 24 hours a day

It can significantly relieve the customer support center from many customer questions

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Why chatbot with AI?

It can understand other than just predefined questions and respond appropriately to them

Chatbot is always polite and can easily deal with synonyms or slang

It can be multilingual

It is able to conduct customer analysis autonomously and without the need to control addressing already existing customers with other products from your product range

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Where is chatbot useful?

Business sphere


Can be integrated on different platforms

Our Chatbot is preprogrammed for your website via LiveZilla, for Messenger and Viber.
Can be also integrated on Slack, Skype, WhatwApp...

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